Finally bringing you info about one mangaka that never fails to amuse me.

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Cardcaptor Sakura

Definitely CLAMP.

Definitely CLAMP.

Sakura Kinomoto notices a strange book in her basement. When she opens it, cards and a strange pet rush out—telling her she has to capture the scattered magic cards to prevent world chaos! Continue reading




Find the wolf—that’s the objective of Rabbit Doubt: a mobile game, wherein the rabbits have to find the disguised wolf among them and kill it. However, if you fail, the wolf will kill the rabbits. A group of players schedule a meeting in real life and decide to go off for some karaoke. However, next thing they know they seem to be in an abandoned building, and they soon realise they will be playing Rabbit Doubt themselves. Who is the lying wolf? Continue reading

Ore-sama Teacher


The heroine’s two personas. I ship it.

After being expelled, delinquent Mafuyu Kurosaki is determined in enjoying the blissful high school days as a perfect girl at her new school. However, with her (ex-)delinquent childhood acquaintance as teacher and her new delinquent classmate in there, it won’t be easy… Continue reading

Hello Baby

In a cyberpunk Japan, a gang member tries to prove himself by killing the head of a national megacorporation. But on the day before carring out his plan, he discovers he’s going to be a dad! Can he still have the resolve to bear with the consequences? Continue reading

Count Cain


I read this series 2 years ago (I believe, and yet again, didn’t finish it *sigh*) with its sequel, Godchild, which I thought to be a single work. I was quite enthralled with it. Below is some information.

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In a near future, corruption and dehumanization, allied with genetic manipulation, led an european city to a dystopic underground where you live to fight and fight to live. Our protagonists are well-aware of that truth: Heine Rammsteiner, the genetic engineering experiment; Badou Nails, the instigator; Naoto Fuyumine, the fierce female warrior; Mihai Mihaeroff, the retired assassin. They all have a common thing haunting them—the past. Continue reading

Pandora Hearts


Oz Vessalius—a vibrant young boy who’s heir of the Vessalius dukedom. During his coming of age ceremony, he’s attacked and sent to the Abyss—a rumoured prison for those who have committed heinous crimes. Lost in a twisted wonderland, Oz meets a girl called Alice, and makes a contract with her in order to escape. Continue reading

Hana Kimi

Best character.

Best character.

Mizuki Ashiya, half-american, half-japanese, came all the way to Japan to enroll in the same school her idol attends. The only problem is…it’s an all-boys school! Even though Mizuki cut her hair, will the now prettiest boy in school be able to keep his disguise? Continue reading

Vampire Knight


Would still be a better love triangle than canon.

In Cross Academy, there are two classes: the Day Class—humans—and the Night Class—vampires. Yuuki knows, as she was saved by one of them. But there are more secrets… Continue reading

Fruits Basket


What kind of curse is this? Seriously! Look at how cute they are!

Orphan Touru Honda is living in a tent in the woods. One day, she discovers she’s in fact in her school prince’s family property! But they have a curse… Continue reading

Shiawase Kissa 3-choume

Ichirou is priceless.

Ichirou is priceless.

Ever since her mother remarried, Uru Takamura started living on her own and working part-time in the 3rd District of Koufuku city. However, her co-workers are nothing but strange—how can the shop be so popular with the unsociables “demon king” Shindou and “weirdo” Ichirou Nishikawa? Continue reading

Honey and Clover


5 college art students are brought together. Through love triangles, unrequited love, graduation and independence prevails an everlasting friendship. Continue reading

S·A: Special A


Before her childhood meeting with Kei, Hikari was always the best. Now in high school, she’s still trying to beat him and be #1 of the elite “Special A” class. Continue reading

Chrono Crusade

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"Hey, wait a minute! I thought Inuyasha was the protagonist!"

“Hey, wait a minute! I thought Inuyasha was the protagonist!”

Kagome Higurashi led a normal high-school student life…until she fell into her family’s well and was sent back in time to the feudal era. There, she saves a strange young man impaled by an arrow to a tree—which turns out to be a demon? Continue reading

Black Lagoon


Rokuro Okajima is your typical salaryman. When the company entrusts him with a top secret disk—on what he believed to be a routine business trip—, he ends up being kidnapped. Now hostage of the Lagoon Company—a team of mercenary pirates settled on the the crime city, Roanapur—, he has no other choice but to join them. Continue reading

Le Chevalier D’Eon

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Devil May Cry


The indebted mercenary Dante runs his business: killing demons – and he’s good at it. But, his peaceful routine will soon be disturbed… Continue reading

Elfen Lied

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Detective Conan


Shin’ichi, a 17-year-old highschool student, is the “Modern Sherlock Holmes”: a prodigious detective who often works with the police. While working on a case,  he’s caught by the mysterious Black Organization, who drug him afterwards. However, instead of killing him, the drug turns him into a 7-year-old boy. Continue reading

Aishiteru ze Baby


Katakura Kippei is an (in)famous highschool playboy. To him love is nothing but trivial hassle. His daily life suddenly changes when his family announces him their little 5-year-old cousin, Yuzuyu, whose mother is missing, will stay with them—and it’s Kippei’s job to look after her! Continue reading

Fullmetal Alchemist

Human after all.

“In order to obtain something, something of equal value must be lost”—Alchemy’s first law. After a terrible failure at Alchemy’s ultimate taboo—human transmutation—the Elric brothers embark on an epic quest to restore their original bodies. Continue reading

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (the Wallflower)


Four beautiful boys are living in a dream mansion: Kyouhei, Ranmaru, Takenaga, and Yukinojou. One day, their landlady makes a proposal: turn her niece, Sunako, into a respectable young lady and no more rent payments. But things don’t go exactly as planned when they find out the girl is anything but ordinary… Continue reading





Nana, do you remember the moment we first met?

Nana Komatsu is a gentle small-town girl who decided to move to Tokyo to start a new life. On the train, she meets her side-passenger, Nana Osaki, a punk-rock singer who’s moving to Tokyo to chase her dream of becoming a successful musician. Shortly after, as if by destiny, they meet again and decide to live together in the apartment 707 of an old building. Continue reading

Ouran High School Host Club


Ouran High School: a prestigious elite school, where only exceptional commoners may enter. All fellow commoner Haruhi Fujioka wanted was a quiet place to study…Instead, she met the Host Club.  Continue reading

Death Note


Yagami Light, a high school prodigy, finds himself disgusted with the decayed world. Amidst the corruption, injustice and powerless effort to create a fair, safe, better place to live, everything turns dull, boring, trivial and useless. But then he finds a notebook… Continue reading


Presenting one surprising shoujo finding I recently made. Continue reading

Death Note – Volume 1 Review

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Target online manga. Attack in motion.

Yup, it’s with unsettlement that we see this in Onemanga:

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YUKI Kaori

Putting the spotlight in this (in)famous gothic mangaka. Info from Baka Manga Updates.

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AZUMI Touru (*)

I bring you another mangaka with stunning illustrations.
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Protected: Knights of the Rebellion

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Hai everyone. I would like to announce that as I am in exams time I won’t be able to post for a while. A whole deal of studying and tutoring awaits me, ah the joy!

I would also like to apologize for not uploaded for so long, in spite of the study (sigh). Truth is that I am, indeed, working on various synopsis, mainly manga ones, but I keep switching between them, among other things, and couldn’t present any yet. I guess time management is not my forte (smile). Anyways, I shall keep you updated of what I’m working on: Continue reading


I bring you another one of my favourite mangakas, especially concerning the style. Below is some info about him.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. Instead of bringing rabbits (I was already tired to search a manga with one) I decided to bring you the Siestas from Umineko no Naku Koro ni, they are adorable aren’t they? Bunnies yay~ (heart). Thanks to the artist, I couldn’t manage to discover his/her name.

I hope you had a nice Easter, I went to the holidays house as usual to pass the sunday there. I always have a good time with my cousins (thumb up). I ate chocolate (yay).

It’s the last week of holidays… no~ gief moar. And I actually am studying in holidays so I don’t have the time I wanted to write a bit more articles (sigh).
Anyway you know what spring means:

  • new term
  • love season
  • allergies
  • flowers
  • premières

So I’m looking forward for a new Iru’s Anime Premières (FIGHT headband).
Another thing that I’m looking forward to is Skip Beat chapter 156 (here 155). Will Ren stay calm? Or will he lose his mind? With this new plot in the series it’s all getting wild. I’m really enjoying it.

Enjoy your holidays, I’ll try my best with posts (thumb up).

God Save the Queen

Destination: London

Hai everyone. The final weeks of the term were pretty stressful but, fortunately, I knew salvation would arrive: my trip to London with my and other year classes’ students started in the final week. Following, we have the report.

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Once you go back, you won’t come back

Daydreaming indoors. Beware of chalksticks.

Ohai~ I really didn’t do anything special to celebrate 2010 but there’s always one thing I thrill with: the fireworks, don’t you think they are amazing? Pyrotechnics ♥ I’m not really a pyromaniac but if you would like to know more browse here and here and for awesome shiny fireworks effects examples click here (hope that is somehow entertaining…).

I also hope you had a happy New Year and you’re having a good start in 2010 (I got a new hair cut, with bangs, which I don’t  remember of ever having so it’s pretty fresh, I like it). Holidays just went in a blink of an eye, and after my first 2nd week of school, I already have a test and works to do (sigh). I guess I’ll start focusing more on doing synopsis if I see that I’m getting too busy…

Then, we shall see what’s going on around (thank you ANN): Continue reading

Ouran High School Host Club episode 3

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Quotes: Haruhi; Tamaki; Kyouya; Hikaru; Kaoru; Honey-senpai ; Mori-senpai

” -So that’s how we fund ourselves…”

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