Ouran High School Host Club episode 3

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Quotes: Haruhi; Tamaki; Kyouya; Hikaru; Kaoru; Honey-senpai ; Mori-senpai

” -So that’s how we fund ourselves…”

This time, the episode begins with a welcome of the host club in a new setting: the Cherry Blossom Viewing Banquet.  We have the usual host tour (and believe me fans of the brotherly love, you are gonna like this episode’s scene). In this episode a kite is used to express Haruhi’s mood/consideration towards Tamaki. Haruhi sighs while gazing the cherry blossoms and is questioned by Tamaki, who asks if she’s enjoying the banquet. “This person is living his life without any knowledge of the hardships of living in this world, huh?” is Haruhi’s reaction to Tamaki’s characteristic babbling. We see the kite go down.
After this, we see the twins asking Haruhi if she already decided the courses she would take that semester “We should just take the same courses, because, you know, we’re… in the same class. While Tamaki’s by a tree sulking he talks with Kyouya who confirms, in his typical style, Tamaki’s suspicions of the twins spending more time with Haruhi. Tamaki blames the fact of Haruhi being hiding her gender for this and shows an over-concern about her student life with no females but the unscrupulous twins surrounding her. Oh, revert back! Revert back! Revert back now! The twins tell him that there’s no rush since they’ll find out soon because the day after tomorrow is the physical examination. The hosts stare at Haruhi.”Oh yeah, it’s in two days.” Silence “Then…they really will  find out… that I’m a girl…” Lightning struck!

“-I’m not that gluttonous of a… Will I really be able to eat some?”

At the host club’s headquarters we have the chance to watch a Tamaki’s (delusional) fantasy, who is delighted with the though of Haruhi’s gender being uncovered. “Looks like Tama-chan is enjoying himself!” “Actually, he’s pretty sad in my mind.” (lol!) Over this, Tamaki quickly replies Hikaru not to be jealous and proclames he knew this was going to happen from the start since Ouran is a school love comedy to begin with and that him and Haruhi are the main characters of it. The twins ask him what are they then and Tamaki replies they are the “homo side characters”, draws a line on the floor between him and the other hosts and tells them not to cross it “This is pissing us off a bit.” (lawl)
The twins then alert Tamaki for the consequence that it will have in spite of all the pretty things he imagined: Haruhi will no longer be able to stay in the host club. Tamaki stones and we have the background of other hosts commenting: how cute she would look, that she was popular with the guys in junior high, receiving a confession every month, and that Tamaki won’t be able to be with her but the twins will since they are in the same class. Tamaki’s eyes wide and he exclaims how could that be. Immediately after, Haruhi opens the music room’s door and apologizes for being late. Tamaki firmly grabs and tells her that they’ll protect her the day after in the physical examination “So please stay as our very own princess!”  “…*blinks* Say what?” We see briefly Tamaki’s ordering the hosts while pointing at the board where “The Great Strategic Plan to Hide Haruhi’s Gender” is explained. Haruhi get’s out of her stupefied state, concluding the reason for their action is her debt. “Well, I’ll think about some other method*giggles*” The twins and Tamaki complain over Haruhi’s lack of willpower and Tamaki glooms after Haruhi’s response to his question of whether she hated being a host that much was yes. Haruhi says it can’t be helped “What we should take care first is this lack of drive in Haruhi.”  “Ootoro…” Haruhi exclaims and the electrochemical message is also transmitted to the hosts. Tamaki sarcastly laments for Haruhi’s misfortune of not having the chance to eat ootoro at the previous party, grinning and he’s followed by the other hosts laments. “You’d be able to eat all kinds of delicious foods if you stay in this club.” Haruhi, in an embarrassed manner, says eating ootoro isn’t a reason to keep her hiding her gender but … she gives it up in the end (lol).

“-It’s so glaringly obvious.”

On the next morning, we hear someone announcing and instructing the students for the location of the physical examination. As Haruhi and the twins make their way, Haruhi questions them about it. The twins say it’s the same everywhere. However, as Haruhi opens the door to the examination room, she encounters an interminable line of doctors and nurses welcoming the students. Haruhi wonders what the hell is that, a perfectly normal examination… (just) for the twins, surely! The Hitachiin brothers are picked to the examination and so is Haruhi by the responsible nurse. But Haruhi stops as she notices, while accompaning the nurse, Honey and Mori-senpai dressed as doctors, surrounded by curious host club fans, who tell Haruhi to stay quiet. Kyouya shows up and tells Haruhi that it’s merely to help creating the atmosphere. Haruhi also frowns after seeing a pretty much abnormal examination and Kyouya explains in spite of being a school, it’s still all about business and that this event is just a formality as the students have already their own family doctors “(Rich bastards…)“. As they continue, a doctor with an unusual look stumbles with Kyouya and quickly walks away…

“Haruhi…got angry…”

On the next scene we have twins’ fan service + squeals from the girls. While the twins take the spotlight,  Haruhi is dragged by Honey and Mori-senpai to a cabinet and falls into Tamaki arms. Surprised, Haruhi collapses and pouts “Yes, that surprised look of yours is cute, too!“. Afterwards, the nurse calls Haruhi to come out for the chest measurements when she’s ready (for the joy of the host club fan girls) but Tamaki says Haruhi to wait there because he’ll protect her, leaving Haruhi a bit stupefied. The nurse calls Haruhi again, the girls nervously await and the curtain is lifted: “Fujioka Haruhi here.” Wind blows. “Isn’t that Tamaki-sama?”  “Ah-”  “That’s Tamaki-sama no matter how you look at it, right?”  “Is this a Haruhi-kun cosplay?”  “What’s Tamaki-sama trying to do?”. While Haruhi speechless the twins can’t stop rofling (lol!). Tamaki takes of the wig furiously and grabs Hikaru embarrassed “You guys! You guys said they’ll never find out this way!This is just a little revenge from calling us the homo characters!. While the twins continue bursting in laughter Tamaki goes to the cabinet and apologizes to Haruhi, who gives him a dead glare. We see again the kite going down. Haruhi sighs but Kyouya pats Haruhi’s shoulder telling her he arranged a special male student doctor in another room that would keep secret and the twins divulge all the examination’s doctors are from Kyouya-senpai’s hospital and complain he could have mentioned it earlier “ It’s the same as you too. I’m also getting a little revenge from being called a homo character.” Meanwhile, Tamaki’s still feeling the terrible consequences of Haruhi’s wrath (lol!) “Tamaki-sama is disintegrating!”  “How beautiful!“. Haruhi enters the room for her examination and goes to a cabinet to undress. Next our fellow hosts overhear a female student claiming a doctor tried to abduct her. Kyouya confirms his suspicions about the doctor who stumbled on him being an outsider, however doesn’t shows any concern (lol), saying the security guards will arrest him quickly “And, where did this pervert head?”  “Ah, he went towards the special male student nurse’s office.” Stone. Haruhi!

“Oh, how unfortunate!”

While Haruhi is changing, the suspicious doctor enters backwards in the cabinet. The doctor notices Haruhi (who was just trying to tell him it was occupied) and covers her mouth, pleading her to be quiet. However, we are surprised immediately after by “Tama-chan kick!” (lol) followed by the other hosts intimidation and this is received like this by the man: “Please spare my life!” and like this by Haruhi: “*blinks*”. Right after, the doctor (un)naturally starts talking openly about his life, introducing himself as  doctor Yabu (which the twins joke over: yabu-isha – quack/phony doctor). He affirms his purpose was meeting his daughter who along with his wife have left him the previous month and moved to his wife’s parents house because of the his bad management of his clinic and consequent indebtedness. All are skeptic with his speech with the non surprising exception of Tamaki who’s deeply compassionate. He also reports the incident with the female student: he was trying to ask for his daughter but she screamed. Kyouya interrupts the doctor, questioning him if his daughter attended to Ourin public school. Kyouya informs the doctor that he got the wrong school leaving him speechless. Tamaki however requests Kouya afterwards to make a map with the directions to his daughter’s school, leaving Haruhi with a surprised look.

“-You just really want to eat ootoro, but the part of you that’s hiding this fact is… kind of awesome!!!”

While the doctor departs, the twins interrogate Tamaki if that was the right decision because, although they meet, that doesn’t mean the daughter won’t give up on him again. Tamaki answers that that issue is a thing he needs to solve by himself. Haruhi’s eyes wide and the kite goes up high in the sky. Then, Haruhi asks the hosts to leave the room. Startled, Tamaki asks if Haruhi pretends to leave the host club and Haruhi chuckles and says she won’t, not because of the ootoro but to repay her debt. Tamaki blushes and happily glomps Haruhi who screams and tries to shove him, giving an exclamation to senpai for not to touch those places (?!) “Give him the red card! This guy’s…the real pervert!”  “Who cares, just…GET OUT!


  • This episode’s scenario begins with the host club’s Cherry Blossom Viewing Banquet whereat we are welcomed by them in thematic clothing.
  • After the usual quick hosts-in-action visit, we see Haruhi sighing while looking at the cherry blossoms. She’s disturbed by Tamaki’s usual narcissistic babbling (the kite goes down) but she’s grabbed by the twins for Tamaki’s infelicity, who glooms by a tree after the twins have grinned at him about being in the same class as Haruhi. Tamaki asks Kyouya if perhaps the twins by spending time with her in class have more chances of getting to know her more than him and implacable Kyouya gives the yes in his characteristic way. Tamaki tells Haruhi she shouldn’t spend time with the unscrupulous twins, who complain with the adjective, and attributes the guilt to the fact of Haruhi’s being hiding her gender, begging her to revert back and have a healthy student life.
  • But, the twins tell Tamaki there’s no rush since the physical examination will take place in 2 days. Haruhi makes an interrogative look and the hosts stare at Haruhi. Haruhi makes the conclusion of her gender being certainly discovered if so. Lightning struck!
  • Back at the 3rd music room, we see Tamaki’s fantasizing with his desired revelation of Haruhi’s gender, and over the skeptic looks, he claims this was destined to happen since both he and Haruhi are the main characters of this school love comedy and they (adressing to the twins question) are the homo-side characters. The twins however try to show Tamaki the consequences of his wish: Haruhi won’t be able to stay in the host club anymore, and over this, Tamaki paralyzes and by the twins comments while so, he finally reacts after understanding that the twins will still get their time with her but he won’t.
  • As Haruhi knocks, she’s suddenly grabbed my Tamaki who tells her she’ll be protected by the host club and a big board with the plan’s instructions is shown. In spite of their effort, Haruhi is not the least worried about preventing the discovery of her gender saying she’ll think of another way to pay the debt, for the hosts’ inconvenience. But it’s Mori-senpai who pronounces the word who will make Haruhi stay: Ootoro.
  • The next morning, Haruhi is perplexed when she’s welcomed by a long rom of nursed and doctors, yet again the twins Haruhi got the wrong notion. The twins depart and Haruhi too with her appointed nurse but while walking, she notices Mori and Honey-senpai disguising as doctors, surrounded by curious girls. Kyouya-senpai explains it’s merely to create the atmosphere. While the two walk, Haruhi also notices an abnormal examination and Kyouya again explains that the examination is just a formality because the students have already their family doctors. While Haruhi continues with an apathetic incredulous look on her face, a suspicious doctor bumps into Kyouya and walks away…
  • While the girls squeal over the twin’s fanservice, Honey and Mori-senpai drag Haruhi to a cabinet where she falls into Tamaki’s arms, making Tamaki also squeal over the cuteness of her surprised look. As the nurse calls Haruhi to come out for the chest measurements, Tamaki gets up and calms Haruhi: he’ll protect her, leaving Haruhi amazed. And so as the curtain is lifted the excited girls only get to see Tamaki-senpai with a wig, trying to impersonate cosplaying Haruhi. While the girls are confused, the twins are bursting in laugher for Tamaki actually have believed in them.
  • After leaving Tamaki terrified with a death glare, Haruhi is called by Kyouya who tells her that he arranged a meeting with a special male doctor that’s willing to keep her secret. The twins tell Haruhi it seems the doctors in there are all from Kyouya’s hospital. And so, Haruhi enters in the examination room and goes to the cabinet undress as she was told.
  • Meanwhile, a girl draws people’s attention and the hosts are no exception, claiming a doctor tried to abuse her. Kyouya then expresses his previous suspicion of the doctor who stumbled on him to the hosts but says the guards will catch him right away. However, it seems the doctor went towards the special male student nurse’s office. Stone. Haruhi!
  • The doctor enters backwards in Haruhi’s cabinet and covers Haruhi’s mouth as he notices her. However, he’s attacked by Tama-chan’s kick, followed by the arrival of the other hosts, but the doctor asks them to spare his life?
  • Afterwards the doctor (un)naturally starts talking openly about his life and we discover that he’s name is Yabu (which makes the twins joke: yabu-isha – quack/phony doctors) and that due to his indebtedness caused by his bad management of his clinic her daughter and wife  left him and moved to his wife’s parents house in the previous month.  He  came in search for his  daughter but ended up turning into a fugitive after trying to ask a girl about her. Tamaki shows compassion in contrast with the others skepticism aura.
  • Kyouya questions if it isn’t the public school Ourin his daughter attends and the doctor affirms and his speechless over his mistake. Surprisingly for Haruhi, Tamaki requests Kyouya to make a map with directions to his daughter’s school.
  • Watching the doctor leave, the twins ask Tamaki if this was the right decision because even though they meet, that doesn’t mean the problem will be solved. Tamaki says that’s a thing he needs to solve himself, making Haruhi’s eyes wide and the kite go up high.
  • Then, Haruhi asks them to leave and denies her departure of the host club that the startled Tamaki asked. She also adds she is not staying because of the ootoro but to repay her debt, making Tamaki blush. Tamaki glomps her, Haruhi screams and the twins give him the red card for touching places not meant to touch, and the episode ends with Haruhi screaming for them to get out.

Impression: You know, in Ouran I can’t really say I disliked the episode so, I’ll highlight the things I liked more. This episode’s brotherly love moment was wowie; the add of the friendly class trio concept was good; I also like the out of character moment and laughed with the homo-side characters scene; you just have to love Kyouya; I laughed a lot with the “It’s so glaringly obvious” but the true blow was the twins laughing of Tamaki, I couldn’t stop laughing.

I think I liked a bit more this episode then the previous, mainly because it was a lot more slapstick than the previous ones and also because it was more “into” the host club. I really like it how it puts me laughing so naturally.

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