Pandora Hearts


Oz Vessalius—a vibrant young boy who’s heir of the Vessalius dukedom. During his coming of age ceremony, he’s attacked and sent to the Abyss—a rumoured prison for those who have committed heinous crimes. Lost in a twisted wonderland, Oz meets a girl called Alice, and makes a contract with her in order to escape.

Pandora Hearts (パンドラ ハーツ Pandora Hearts) is a japanese dark-fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki. It was adapted into an anime TV series.

Written by Jun Mochizuki
Illustrated by Jun Mochizuki
Published by Square Enix
Serialized in GFantasy
Magazine issues
Original run
Label GFantasy Comics
Official site SquareEnix/GFantasy

Plot summary

aka: パンドラハーツ Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural. Author: Mochizuki Jun Illustrator: Mochizuki Jun Year: June 2006 (ongoing) Serialized in: GFantasy Licensed by: NIS America Site: GFantasy Read Online: Official(jap), Onemanga, Mangahelpers Notes: 2009 Anime adaptation

Summary: Oz Vessalius is the heir of one of the four dukedoms: Vessalius, Nightray, Rainsworth and Barma. Oz, his little sister and the family servant, Gilbert, have fun at the mansion where they arrived earlier, the place where Oz’s coming-of-age ceremony is going to be held. As the youth prepares to continue with the mansion’s investigation, Oscar, Oz’s uncle warns Oz he better not to mess up the party or he would call out the Emissary of the “Abyss”, an emissary that will snatch those who committed heinous crimes and take them to a terrifying place where they are said to never come back from. Oz chuckles and replies that those threats no longer work on him.

Outside, the group finds a hidden garden and a grave, but the name is too faded to read. On the cross a clock is hung. As Oz reaches the clock, a mysterious feeling invades him and in a blink of an eye he finds himself in a room filled with creepy dolls that welcome his arrival and a young girl appears also welcoming his return. However, when Oz, confused, asks her who is she, the girl wickedly says “I’m you” and tries to kill him. Oz returns to himself and calms Gilbert and his little sister worries over the momentary lack of consciousness.

At this point of the coming-of-age ceremony, Oz sighs with relief with its imminent end. But as he swears an oath at the silent clock tower, the clock moves. Oz attack by a mysterious group in black cloaks, who also controlled Gilbert, who grabs Oz while the Baskerville make a kind of ritual. However they are repelled by him and the mysterious girl from Oz’s dream appears and transforms into Bloody Black Rabbit, or B-Rabbit, claiming that Oz is her key and that she will fight them. She is begoned by one of the group members and Oz consciousness too is engulfed in darkness.

Lost in the “Abyss” he is helped by Alice but when Oz thanks her for saving him again, Alice gives him a puzzled look since she says it’s the first time they meet. As they chat, Alice confesses Oz that her wish is to get out of the “Abyss” and persuades Oz to make a “contract” with her that will enable her power enough to be capable of making an exit in the “way”, a distortion between the two worlds. Eventually, Oz makes the contract and Alice takes control of his body and fulfills her words.

Oz wakes up at a strange bedroom and discovers later that he is at Pandora’s headquarters, an organisation formed by the 4 dukedoms that focus in research concerning the Abyss, where he encounters Sharon Rainsworth and Xerxes Break from the Rainsworth dukedom and Raven from Nightray. After Xerxes having expelled Alice from Oz’s body and learning about  her wish of  recover her memories, the group invites them to join.

Now members, Oz and Alice, along with the others, depart in search of memories and answers lurking in the darkness.

Note: The series features heavy references to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.


Main characters

Oz Vessalius (オズ=ベザリウス Ozu Bezariusu) Alice (アリス Arisu) Gilbert Nightray (ギルバート=ナイトレイ Girubaato Naitorei)

Supporting characters

Vessalius Dukedom

Jack Vessalius (ジャック=ベザリウス Jakku Bezariusu) Ada Vessalius (エイダ=ベザリウス Eida Bezariusu) Oscar Vessalius (オスカー=ベザリウス Osukaa Bezariusu) Zai Vessalius (ザイ=ベザリウス Zai Bezariusu) Rachel Cecile (レイチェル=セシル Reicheru Seshiru)

Rainsworth Dukedom

Sharon Rainsworth (シャロン=レインズワース Sharon Reinzuwaasu) Xerxes Break (ザークシーズ=ブレイク Zaakushiizu Bureiku)


Volume 1 Summary
9709 v01_3d Oz Vessalius—a vibrant young boy who’s heir of the Vessalius dukedom. During his coming of age ceremony, he’s attacked and sent to the Abyss—a rumoured prison for those who have committed heinous crimes. Lost in a twisted wonderland, Oz meets a girl called Alice, and makes a contract with her in order to escape.
Volume 2 Summary
9709 v02_3d
Volume 3 Summary
9709 v03_3d
Volume 4 Summary
9709 v04_3d
Volume 5 Summary
9709 v05_3d

Japanese covers

9709 v08_3d 9709 v10_3d 9709 v13_3d 9709 v14_3d 9709 v17_3d 9709 v19_3d


Episode List

# Title Original air date 
1 Innocent Calm April 2, 2009
2 Tempest of Conviction April 9, 2009
3 Prisoner & Alichino April 16, 2009
4 Rendezvous April 23, 2009
5 Clockwise Doom April 30, 2009
6 Where am I? May 7, 2009
7 Whisperer May 14, 2009
8 Question May 21, 2009
9 Malediction May 28, 2009
10 Grim June 4, 2009
11 A Lost Raven June 11, 2009
12 Welcome to Labyrinth June 18, 2009
13 Keeper of the Secret June 25, 2009
14 Hollow Eye Socket July 2, 2009
15 Who Killed Poor Alice? July 9, 2009
16 His Name is… July 16, 2009
17 Hello My Sister! July 23, 2009
18 Eliot & Leo July 30, 2009
19 The Pool of Tears August 6, 2009
20 Modulation August 13, 2009
21 Snow White Chaos August 27, 2009
22 Countervalue of Loss September 3, 2009
23 A Warp in the World September 10, 2009
24 Kyrie September 17, 2009
25 Beyond the Winding Road September 24, 2009


If you are a fan of Lewis Carrol’s pieces you will probably like Pandora Hearts. I would like to praise the mangaka (heart), because I think she has achieved a plot that contains Lewil Carrol’s inspiration but stays independent, which I dare to say, excluding the conception of the manga, it’s already a difficult thing to do. One of the things that I also liked a lot was the drawing, and I was completely amazed with the beauty of the illustrations.

Reasons to read it:

  • it has a unique setting, historical + psychological + fantasy + action that has consistence.
  • the story and the writing style is engaging.
  • very pleasing (and adorable) drawing style
  • tsundere heroine (yay)


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