In a near future, corruption and dehumanization, allied with genetic manipulation, led an european city to a dystopic underground where you live to fight and fight to live. Our protagonists are well-aware of that truth: Heine Rammsteiner, the genetic engineering experiment; Badou Nails, the instigator; Naoto Fuyumine, the fierce female warrior; Mihai Mihaeroff, the retired assassin. They all have a common thing haunting them—the past.


Amg, I love this series and I thought it was time to highlight it, since it’s one of my favourite mangas. Alright, so here is the info:

General Info

Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi.
Author: Miwa Shirow
Illustrator: Miwa Shirow
Year: June 2005 (ongoing)
Serialized in: Ultra Jump
Licensed by: Viz Media
Read Online: Onemanga, Mangahelpers

Notes: DOGS: Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark prequel, DOGS: Hardcore Twins oneshot. 2009 anime adaptation of prequel.

Summary: In a near future, corruption and dehumanization, allied with genetic manipulation, led an european city to a dystopic underground, where you live to fight and fight to live. Our protagonists are well-aware of that truth: Haine Rammsteiner, the genetic engineering experiment guy, Badou Nails, the instigator, Naoto Fuyumine, the fierce female warrior and Mihai Mihaeroff, the retired assassin. They all have a common thing that haunts them: the past.
We follow this group of adventurers in their quest for answers who, eventually, is brought together. Are their pasts somehow connected or was it just fate? I guess answers will probably require some bullets. Load up on guns and bring your friends.

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Note: The characters info was based on the story. Highlight the blank parts to read minor spoilers.

Heine Ramnsteiner ハイネ・ラムシュタイナー
The stray howling dog.

Haine is an albino who suffered genetic experimenting, the Kerberos project, while as a child and his hidden metal collar proves it. His memories start there and they are anything but good, as his personality shows. Haine is a complexed person, with an often apathetic behaviour and gynophobia (abnormal fear of women). However, he’s comfortable around Nill, a mute girl and also genetic experiment, who Haine saved and is fond of.

Haine was taken in by a man who’s adressed as Bishop, at some point, who took care of him. Currently, Haine fulfills jobs for the Bishop and Granny Lisa and wanders in melancholy, while trying to find answers for unsatisfying emptiness. Fighting is his salvation and perdition. Haine holds a white Mauser C96 pistol with a chain plus a black Luger P08 pistol, which combined with his regeneration power make him an extremely lethal opponent. But once the «black wild dog» takes over, it’s carnage. With a permanent strive with sanity, Haine may avoid, but will not refuse.

In spite of his violent actions, Haine is a fairly sensible person with a sense of loyalty towards his partners. He looks after Badou and also Naoto, even though being a female and their relationship highly consisting of glares.

The heavy smoker with an eye-patch.

Dave, Badou’s older brother, was a freelance journalist and a heavy smoker that was nosing too much the underground. While he disappeared, Badou’s eye was wounded as a warning by Richter Berthein, and Badou followed his brother steps, turning himself into a freelance journalist and heavy smoker at an early age.

Badou has a cool and extroverted personality that brings out Haine’s, especially due to his tendecy of getting into trouble, however, when out of nicotine he does go beserk.
Badou used to spy and expose corrupter’s secret lives but presently performs tasks partner with Haine for Bishop and Granny Lisa. He uses a pair of Ingram MAC-10 machine pistols.

Badou also seems to work in a sort of convenience shop and is skilled in domestics, from the times with his brother.

The vengeful katana wielder.

Naoto suffers from amnesia since the brutal encounter she had when young, which resulted in the death of her parents and her cross-shaped scar in the chest. She was discovered by a man, whom she believed to be the murderer from the sword, who offered to took her in, naming her Naoto, and trained her intensively in swordsmanship. When her mentor is himself murderer by another of his apprentices named Magato, after killing the last she discovers her parents were actually murderer by the original Naoto. Regretting her misjudgement about her mentor and grateful to him, Naoto undiscloses his family name and uses it.





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I love this manga since I started reading it. One of the motives was the story concept, underground is a theme that appeals me, and with intense action and great artwork, how could I refuse this candy. I would say the flaws that I could easily point out concern the uncertain way of the plot development. However, I actually quite like it: it makes it unpredictable and this aerialness fits the story ambience quite well. Warning: DOGS is quite mature, mild horror and physical violence (such as shoots, mutilation etc) is a normal sight, aswell as swearing. Just so you are not caught by surprise.

Reasons to read it:

  • it has an original setting
  • great artwork (amazing perspective and shadow work)
  • lots of action
  • it has badass gangstas that are hot bishies (heart)

It was definitely worth reading and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for some pewpew and great artwork.

Previews (Bullets & Carnage, taken from Onemanga and may contain what I’ve said in the warning above):

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