Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. Instead of bringing rabbits (I was already tired to search a manga with one) I decided to bring you the Siestas from Umineko no Naku Koro ni, they are adorable aren’t they? Bunnies yay~ (heart). Thanks to the artist, I couldn’t manage to discover his/her name.

I hope you had a nice Easter, I went to the holidays house as usual to pass the sunday there. I always have a good time with my cousins (thumb up). I ate chocolate (yay).

It’s the last week of holidays… no~ gief moar. And I actually am studying in holidays so I don’t have the time I wanted to write a bit more articles (sigh).
Anyway you know what spring means:

  • new term
  • love season
  • allergies
  • flowers
  • premières

So I’m looking forward for a new Iru’s Anime Premières (FIGHT headband).
Another thing that I’m looking forward to is Skip Beat chapter 156 (here 155). Will Ren stay calm? Or will he lose his mind? With this new plot in the series it’s all getting wild. I’m really enjoying it.

Enjoy your holidays, I’ll try my best with posts (thumb up).